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ABNAQ & Co. is a ONE-WINDOW SOLUTION to your legal issues. We are a professional law firm which provides Intellectual Property law services and Corporate consultancy to its local and foreign clients. Our professionals have significant experience in cross-border matters and we are competent and capable to assist the Clients on their most important matters and disputes.

Our IP professionals respect both the mind creations and the legal actions that are necessary to protect them. The Firm works in close relationship with its clients in order to understand better their business needs, future plans and strategies. Considering our Clients as our most valuable asset, at all times, we strictly believe in efficient and cost-effective services, but without compromising the professional quality and integrity. We strongly believe in “the honesty & transparency” in our services and to ensure this, we share the details of each and every stage of the matter-in-hand with the Clients whether it relates to an individual or a multinational corporation(s).

We represent clients personally and directly before various Courts, Tribunals, Arbitrators, Registrar of Trade Marks, Controller of Patents and Registrar of Designs etc.. Likewise, for infringement actions and cancellations we personally represent and handle the matters before the Courts of law. By engaging ABNAQ you will be assured that the professionals working on your matter are familiar with and committed to achieving the best possible outcome but with transparency and cost effective techniques.

Our Firm clearly understands the importance of your valuable time and capital. Therefore, we discourage un-necessary and frivolous litigation and we advise to take legal action only when it is necessary and practical. We have a clear and strict billing policy that before any engagement, we clearly discuss and mention the solid actual and necessary expenses for the matter and any kind of hidden charges are strictly discouraged. Rest assured that you will never receive the inflated bills.

ABNAQ’s professional support includes:
  1. fully qualified and multi skilled Patent and Trademark Attorneys
  2. fully qualified Solicitors and Advocates
  3. paralegals experienced in handling procedures before the Courts, Tribunals and Intellectual Property Offices
Our lawyers speak fluently English, Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi.
We welcome your enquiries and suggestions.


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